Arissas Multimídia “Tão Longe é Aqui” na Indiewire

“Tão Longe é Aqui” na Indiewire

Trailer do longa metragem foi destaque na revista norte-americana de entretenimento. Descrito como um “conto que constrói pontes”, o documentário foi comentado no blog Shadow and Act, sobre o cinema da diáspora africana.


Trailer: Brazilian Woman Explores Africa in Bridging-The-Gap Tale ‘Here Is So Far’

By Vanessa Martinez | Shadow and Act

Described as journal and road movie, the Brazilian film Here Is So Far (Tão Longe é Aqui), helmed by Eliza Capai, won the Jury prize for New Director’s category at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, which ran from September 26 through October 10.

In what a looks like to be part whimsical journey and part documentary, Here Is So Far follows a Brazilian woman who travels to explore and connect with her roots in Africa. The project was conceived when filmmaker Capai embarked on a journey and traveled to Morocco, Cape Verde, Mali, Ethiopia and South Africa back in 2010.

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